CorbinFisher starring Baker (CF) and Colt (CF)

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This episode starts with Colt�s fingers lightly gripping Baker�s neck as they make out, and that really sets the scene well. Colt is definitely in a bossy mood for this video, and it�s lucky for him that Baker�s in a mood to take orders - and his big cock! Colt makes Baker worship his dick, fucking his hot, wet mouth as a warm-up for taking on his tight ass. After sliding all the way inside him, Colt gives Baker a light slap on his handsome face. Colt really has his way with Baker and Baker is totally turned on by it. When Colt manhandles Baker into the piledriver position off of the end of the bed, Baker is so turned on that he cums in his own mouth, before swallowing Colt�s load seconds later!

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